Sunday, 20 September 2015

Gotz 1353126 Aquini, 13

Gotz 1353126 Aquini, 13

  • Encourages creative and educational play
  • Safe tested; contains no harmful dyes and plasticizers
  • 13" Baby Aquini with bathrobe, sponge, bathtub, and bottle.
  • Doll can drink from the bottle and use the bathroom

Product Description
This adorable baby Aquini girl comes with a bathrobe, sponge, bathtub, and bottle that she can use. Gotz dolls encourage creative and educational play. These dolls are high quality and meticulously crafted. All of their clothing, including button-holes, pockets, embroidery etc. is realistic and true to life. All materials used to make these dolls are tested according to strict guidelines and contain no harmful dyes and plasticizers. About Gotz: In 1950, Franz and Marianne Goetz started to create and manufacture dolls. Thanks to their dedication to quality and playability, their business grew rapidly. The family owned company is now in its 2nd generation and proud to look back to 60 successful years.

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